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Sounds of Home

Welkom op de website van onze band: Sounds of Home. We zijn een familieband die poprock muziek maken met een boodschap van hoop. Zoals je zou verwachten van een familieband zijn we broers en zussen van elkaar. We zijn begonnen met spelen op familiefeestjes en zijn inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een volwassen band met ons debuutalbum: Stream of Water

Stream of Water

Your Love is like a stream of water, that flows in me.

You are the only one that I need


I want to be close to You,
I want to be free again

I want to see Your Glory Lord
I want to feel Your Love

Crown of Goodness

I lift my hands up in Your name
Because you’ve been My help
In the shadow of Your wings, I will rejoice
My soul follows close behind you

Your light is a lamp for my feet
In the darkness you will lead me home
My soul longs for you
I’ve looked, i’v looked for you

Change my heart

Change my heart

I know you’ll be by my side, and catch my when I fall


I’ve put my trust in you
Deliver me in your rightiouness
you are my rock of refuge Lord
your love endures forever more

I wil wait for you my God

your love is deeper than the sea
keep me in your secret place


Guide me in your truth and teach me
You are God my saviour and hope
Your unfailing love be with us
I put my trust and hope in you

Bring me near, hold me closer
Let me feel the power of your love
Let your light shine upon us
There is  no one like you God

Be Yours

You knew me before you made the earth
You chose me to be one of yours
You made me exactly how i should be

In you alone i find the hope I need
You are the only one i’ll ever need

I choose to be forever by your side
Lord shine your perfect light through me
I want to show your love to everyone
Lord let me be a child of yours

Your House

You are my light 
My salvation, who shall I fear
You are my strength
Of who shall I be afraid

An army may rise against me

In this I will be confident
To be in your house, oh lord
All the days of my life, of my life


I can’t wait,
for the moment that you come,
back to us

Jesus Your my King